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Tourism in Haïti

Each park has very a special history behind it. Some Parks have names related to the country's past and present history. There is a park for each and every single Hero and some have names that are strictly religious, knowing that 100% of the population is Voodooist and 70% Catholic, each catholic church has its own park so we have Place St Pierre, Place St Anne...There names can help you guess their history, we just mention names below and all the rest will described in a very specific documents, please check out the whole contents. Champ de Mars  The main park of the country, the center of the town. Around you can Hotel Plaza, The Presidential Palace, a broken theater ''Rex Theatre'' and Paramount a theater that is recently repaired during President Martelly's mandate.  Place vertieres that reminds us of ''Bataille Vertieres'' and The Battle of Vertières (in Haitian Creole Batay Vètyè) was the last major battle of the Second War of Haitian Independence, and the final part of the Haitian Revolution under Jean Jacques Dessalines. It was fought between Haitian slave populations and Napoleon's French expeditionary forces on 18 November 1803 to Saint Domingue to restore slavery for France. Vertières is situated just south of Cap-Haïtien (known then as Cap-Français), in the Départment du Nord.   Place Boyer: Visit our page now if you want to know the story of this park.

A tourist is always highly welcome in Haiti, A Tourist man or woman is like a king or queen here in Haiti. Foreigners are highly respected and being treated appropriately, the more open is a tourist to Haiti the more welcome he or she is. Areas that are considered as remoted called you guys''Blan'' meaning ''White'' and the belief is that you guys are super rich, intelligent, good people.

A tourist will be attracted or even go crazy by what it seems to be normal or simple for a Haitian such as our culture or religion voodoo, our food, mountains, beaches, ocean, coconut water, pikliz, avacodo, mangos with 50 of varieties, grilled corn, Konparet, Tonmtonm, ponmket, dous makos, pate kode and a whole of others. Haiti is the untold or unseen paradise. There is really an unseen Haiti besides what you are watching on television.

A tourist always uses three words when summarizing what he or she understands about voodoo and they are: it's Interesting, Fascinating, Incredible. Haitian live the legend by being brave, resilient, strong, faithful, revolutionary, lovely and friendlyIn 2014, the country received 1,250,000 tourists (mostly from cruise ships), and the industry generated US$200 million in 2014

Our Experiences with Tourists tell us that Haiti is one of the countries with the most Tourist destinations in the world, normal people believe so and Magicians, Free Masons, Vaudooists or Spiritual adepts both Locals and Internationals believe that Haiti is Unique in many ways and is of course a very special or precious Island. There are hundreds of Tourist destinations like Mornes de L’hopital, Kenscoff, Madelaine, Source Piante, Riviere Grise, Île-à-Vache, Camp-Perrin, Pic Macaya, Citadelle La Ferriere, Palais du Sans-Soucis, Bois Caiman, Lakou Souvenance, Basin Bleu de Jacemel, Le Montcel Kenscoff, Mole St Nicolas, Royal DeCameroon, Club Indigo Haiti, Moulin Sur Mer, Labadee Haiti, Cormier, Plage DuCroix, Iles des Amoureux Haiti etc...

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Several hotels are opened, including an upscale Best Western Premier, a five-star Royal Oasis hotel by Occidental Hotel and Resorts in Pétionville, a four-star Marriott hotel in the Turgeau area of Port-au-Prince and other new hotel developments in Port-au-Prince, Les Cayes, Cap-Haïtien and Jacmel.

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