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Plage DuCroix  Vue Sur Mer

CAP-HAITIAN (Cap Haïtien) is the second large town in Haiti and that is where most of the Haiti's Cultural and Traditional Monuments and History are kept safe. Hundreds of marvelous areas and Tourist sites are ready for you to discover a different view of Haiti and to come and enjoy a real and peaceful vacation. One these Places however among many places to visit is called "Plage DuCroix".

Plage DuCroix is owned by a Road Engineer in Haiti called Mr. Gabriel who is originally from Cap-Haitian. (Ingénieur) Gabriel loves his culture which is Vaudou, and we believe that is what makes the place very  remarkable and authentic.

’’Vue sur Mer and Plage DuCroix’’? why two names?

Vue sur Mer (View of the Sea) is the rental apartment or Timeshare with a beautiful restaurant, snack bar, library, Wifi connection, that beautiful resort is built in the middle of some giant rocks, lots of fruits, trees, flowers and has also a private Vaudou Temple. the yard is forestated with a lot of  very attractive pedestrian path...

And the road is the only thing that separates Plage DuCroix from Vue Sur Mer but once using the apartment beach , although ‘’Plage DuCroix’’ is a part of the deal so it is free to use.