Meanwhile after you enjoyed visiting Place Boyer, we can take the trip further and explore other areas in Petion-Ville, How about a confortable restaurant that cooks your favorite foods, Italian's maybe, or we can explore nature and go places on the mountains, you make the choice and we will guide you.

When you come to Haiti and you want a Tour of Place Boyer, by contacting us and use our services that we have to offer, our Team at FLW & TOURS will be happy to help and to be there with you so you can understand the History of the Town Petion-Ville.


JEAN-PIERRE BOYERwas one of the leaders of the Haitian Revolution, and President of Haiti from 1818 to 1843. He reunited the north and south of Haiti in 1820 and also occupied and took control of Santo Domingo, which brought all of Hispaniola under one government by 1822. Boyer managed to rule for the longest period of time of any of the revolutionary leaders of his generation.


Born in Port-au-Prince as the son of a Frenchman, a tailor by profession, and an African mother, a former slave from Guinea.[1] Educated in France, fought in the French Revolution as a battalion commander, he fought with Toussaint Louverture in the early years of the Haitian Revolution. He allied himself with André Rigaud, also of mulatto ancestry, in the latter's abortive insurrection against Toussaint to try to keep control of the southern region of

Place Boyer

Visit Place Boyer at Petion-Villes Ouest in Haiti | Our Team can teach you the History of Place Boyer


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