• Letters will be automatically wired to your match and once it is received.

  • The correspondence is starting Sept 10h and will be ended May. 28th  2017  and another set of cycle will begin after

  • Every week a theme will be provided for the educative interest of the game and to upkeep its interest.

  • Participants are professionals working in these so-called offices: UNICEF, Fulbright, Plan international, International Rescue Committee, Henry Deschamps, Canadian Red Cross, Hospital St Louis, Digicel, Unicarte, Unibank, Moulin d’Haiti, Project Teach Haiti….

  • The Correspondence is designed for professionals who speak at least 2 languages not mentioning creole or their mother tongue and who also want to master more than two or three languages.

  • The correspondence is not framed for coupling nor to help people grow closer to one another lovely but to help one another master additional languages besides their mother tongue and to of course socialized in the most professional way.

  • The final or the ending can be a live skype video call conversation between the two partners where all contacts will be shared or a ceremony in a very beautiful and quiet place, by the ocean, all in white with wine, champagne, water, food for participants who can meet up.

  • Participants can choose to communicate with more than a person for having more fun.

  • You cannot ask your match for her or his phone number, pictures, mailing address nor email address until the correspondence reaches its end.


Notice: it will be fun and very educative

This is an invitation letter to a Pen-Pal Game in Haiti, the Pen-Pal Game also known as "Jeu de Correspondance" in Haiti that have been in our tradition for more than 3 decades. The methods we use for the Pen-Pal game is by Mail or eMail (Only Letters, in Written) and a Representative will patrol all the secret location of the senders to pick up the letters or Censor the eMails to forward the letters   to be delivered to the other parties (the receivers), if have to be mailed out of the Country, then the Representative will post it by mail. The Pen-Pal Game is an awesome opportunity to unite or reunite friends, couples, students and colleagues that reside nationally or internationally, but don't know each other or ever met before the Reception also known as "Clôture" of the game.  (Please see "the Rules of the Game)

Upon reception, the both parties may bring a gift to exchange during the introduction so your Pal can be revealed. The reception will be handled and organized by the Authorized Representatives, However, you may think of the reception as a Private, Friendly and Romantic Party.


The Foreign Languages World & Tours


Rules of the Game

Invitation Letter

Why this activity?

This activity is framed for helping languages speakers and learners reach fluency in Languages “French, English, Spanish, Creole, Japanese and Portuguese"

The Foreign Languages World and Tours ‘’FLW&TOURS’’ is pleased to tell you about its Pen pal game, a very interesting activity in which people are exchanging letters in English, French, Spanish, Creole, Portuguese etc…participants are from many countries, sectors, different communities, communes or departments, schools, universities, public and private offices, local and international organizations and they grouped based on their interests, professions, classes, school etc…

Such game is very educative, Haitian, Dominican or French and more cultures know about it and love. Smart phones, tablets, laptops or other devices giving access to Internet,Microsoft word or any other appropriate software like word pad… should be used during the whole game.


Sincerely Yours!!!