OXFAM believes in the potential of sustainable agriculture to increase yield, resilience, and adaptation to climate change. Around the world, Oxfam supports communities, civil society organizations and networks encouraging farmer innovation and extention systems, bolstering the ability of farmers to expand their economic opportunities and realize their potential.

We, FLW&TOURS recently had a trip with the Oxfam on one of their project called SRI.


The System of Rice Intensification(SRI) is an agro-ecological approach for increasing the productivity of rice by changing the management of plants, water, and nutrients. Principles of SRI include fewer, younger, and widely-spaced seedlings to promote healthy plan establishment and minimize competition among plants. However, the actual practice of SRI varies considerably according to local environmental, cultural, and socio-economic conditions. Oxfam had been supporting SRI for decade in parts of Asia and west Africa before bringing it to the Artibonite Valley in Haiti


Our work was to provide simultaneous translation, facilitate group discussion during the two days of the conference in which all the concerned actors, partners and we talking about the National Board of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Faculty of Agronomy, Community crop farmers, Researchers from the DAVIS University of California, Oxfam America International Representatives, Oxfam Haiti representatives had to discuss, brainstorming, come up with key solution on how to sustainably keep helping men and women farmers in this important rice-growing area improve their livelihoods and lessen their vulnerability to growing to shocks, by positively influencing policies and practices in the rice value chain.

Oxfam International in Haiti


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