The need is too much both on the market level and social so through High Class of Education, we Help

  • Public Schools               
  • Community Schools
  • Transit Homes                           

FLW&TOURS is providing these children, public schools, community schools, transit homes with the least we can give.

The Fasabilty Of The Project

 for the execution of this great project a core group is created and will make sure the work is done accordingly. Each of the followings has to play their roles as it requested for the agency to remain a source of wealth, opportunity for this generation (Children) and the ones coming ahead.


  • The REP
  • The REP Assistant
  • Finance  Manager
  • Finance Officer
  • HR Manager
  • HR Assistant
  • MT(Manager of Tourism)
  • Pen-Pal game Officer
  • PO Assistant
  • Board manager

The Representatives

The representatives have to:

1-  Represent the company with dignity, respect, honesty as one of the role models for youths, every single employee and, contractant of the so-called agency.

Pen-Pal Game Manager

The role of the pen-pal game manager:

  • Promote the game among schools, Universities, private and public institutions within the Haiti and other countries.
  • Group the participants regarding pre-defined categories like their professions, classes, interests, etc.
  • Generate interesting topics.
  • Oversee the mail management: letters reception, analysis and sending, respect of the rules by all the participants
  • Follow up with finance on everything regarding the financial aspect of the game (expenses, payment delay, etc.)
  • Report to the REP

is firstly: stay in alert and quickly respond the participants or senders emails as soon as possible and then read or analyze the letter very briefly to prevent emails, phones and real names exchanging and this verification the assistant will told to mail the letter to its owner. Secondly generate interesting topics. Having report from the finance officer regard payment delay, debt and paid dues and submit a report to the REP regarding the whole game. Promotion of the game is among the PG M's task, to do so, along with the REP the PG M will be visiting schools, Universities, private and public institutions, departments…and other countries. The PG M has to grouped the participants regarding their professions, classes, interests. The PG M has to avoid anything can change the game unintentionally and of course generate interesting topics based on the participants professions and interests.


We can proudly state that:

  • We build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and professionalism
  • We are distinguished by our commitment to personal customer services.
  • We use the most skilled translators, or the appropriate translator for a specific field.
  • We meet the most challenging deadlines.                                                                                                                             

Besides translation services we organize translators trainings designed to turn English and Spanish speakers into translators or help them empower their translation capacity through some well-planned training in which jargons, terms or many different fields are highly address in different level and activities. And the trainings meet the international standards

Multilingual  Pen-Pal Game

This activity consists of exchanging letters in different languages whether with a Haitian or a foreign partner. Participants can choose to communicate in one, two or three languages based on preferences or choices. This game also has rules such as: Exchanging contacts are strictly forbidden/ topic or the given subject has to lead the conversation/ participants has to be on top and have the appropriate profile for the correspondence and to do so a form  regarding the eligibility has to be filled out.

Tour Guide

We know Haiti well and Its history, we have been given tourists, journalist, ambassadors and walk through. we know and visited the most interesting places or locations, Like The Citadelle, La Souvenance, Labadee, Royal de Cameron, Cormier, Plage du Croix, Bassin Bleu, AgrisTrans, Peristil or ‘’Voodoo Temple’’ and more. We know what to give the tourists because we know what they want especially about Haiti. Now that you know you can just contact us to plan your whole trip or call us from the Haitian national airport to start with you from there, choices are all yours.Teachers Center      


 this program is very important for å country like Haiti where the quality of education does not meet the international standards or does not fit the Haitian students for these students were born on the technological era or during the Internet revolution. And unfortunately our so-called Haitian teachers do not merge their teaching skills, knowledge with the innovative power of technology. We at The Foreign Languages is helping in terms of training teachers with Project Teach Haiti’s annual training of teachers and other different international

  • Generate fund to the agency by contacting National and International donors, Ministry of Educations, Ministry of Tourism, Organizations working in accordance with the Child Protection Cluster, such as the UNICEF, etc.

  • Develop advocacy and fund raising strategies in coordination with the CEO and the Managers

  • Hold weekly or bimonthly meetings with Managers, monthly or quarterly meetings with staff.

  • Manage the communication and visibility component of the agency, by tracking the agency's field visits, requests, student's accomplishments, community schools, schools and, transit homes improvement and specially how the agency attracts tourists to the country.

The Representatives Assistant

The Representative Assistant is the second model in terms of flexibility, attendance and counsel. The assistant is attending meetings, conferences with the rep, assisting the rep in his or her report, planning staff meeting, etc.……………

The Finance Manager

The Finance Manager will:

  • Manage the finance component of the agency
  • Work closely with the Managers of each departments on budget management VS activities
  • Share monthly BVAs (Budget Vs Activities) with Managers and CEO for a better management of the budget
  • Manage relationship with banks
  • Develop financial strategies

Officer controls the agency financially in terms of management. This one has to control very carefully the amount of money each department is provided or generating. Contacting the banks, tracking our bank account online, signing the checks, preview the future of the agency financially, order payment, and avoid unnecessary expenses. Creating new strategy for helping the agency managing its budget

teaching programs. These trainings are strictly designed to help Haitian teachers improve their quality of education.  


  • American English Speakers                   
  • KKA or Kou Kreyol Ayisyen 
  • Haiti Special Languages Solutions
  • Multilingual Pen Pal Game
  • Tour Guide (including logement, restauration)
  • High Class Education 

Are the different parts composing FLW&TOURS as a whole.

Why such an agency?


Education is the key that can unlock the door of prosperity and development. It is a key index to measure development and communities often prioritize education as the only means to influence their future for the better.

 Haiti, a country full of potentials, talents, gifted people but is unfortunately placed the 134th country that is really in need of improvement in every sector, level, offices, infrastructure and education out of 140 countries 

 (Written in a well-known magazine of the time named “Challenges'')               

We at FLW&TOURS believed that education is the cause of all this and when we say education, we do not refer only to learning how to read and write but being educated in the general term and that is why we conceptualized program for teaching, improving the teachers teaching method, schools. 

We have to mention that education is a serious problem in the country. Some are aware of it as we do but we experience it, think of it and the country, weigh it in our problematic balance and we found it the heaviest among the pile. We have seen students go to school in Haiti because they have to, or because their parents want them to, or the society but they absolutely have no conscious of how important it is, what it feels like when a one is known, or renowned as educated. 


The Foreign Languages World & Tours

The Foreign Languages World and Tours

FLW&TOURS is an agency providing certain services and prioritizing some very specific areas of intervention for a better positive social impact in Haiti. And they are: Languages, Education and Tourism. The Founder and the Executive director, has made lots of positive, important and interesting experiences with languages and tourists and had seen the need in education.  For helping Haiti and our fellow citizens and youths FLW&TOURS offers multilingual program, activities and other services.                                            

American  English Speakers    

An (English program) or School providing English classes from level 1 to advance and including toefle and SAT preparation. The classes are shaped or planned in accordance with the American English phonology so that our speakers master the native American accent. We use technology such as: apps, software, movies, songs, videos, PowerPoint presentations and various outdoor activities to make sure the appropriate environment is created for helping the students reach mastery and these activities is the following:


An activity where the student is taking walking in the most beautiful and non polluted areas in the country while practicing the english.

KKA or Kou Kreyol Ayisyen

we teach foreigners or tourists how to speak creole with a very easy interactive program. we used books haitians use in the class for teaching both in primary and secondary levels. Our Teachers are


same as English walk it is an activity where the foreigner or the tourist is taking walking in the most beautiful and non polluted areas in the country while practicing, learn more about Haiti, taste some local products, buy some local products and more

HSLS (Haiti special language solutions) Haiti Special Language Solutions (HSLS) is a translation department of FLW&TOURS that provides translation services for all types of industries.  We provide efficient translation services to the national and international organization, private and public offices here in Haiti..