The Foreign Languages World & Tours



Nationality: Haitian                                                                       

Date of birth: 5 Oct 1987                                                                             

Marital Status: Single                                                                     

Hobby: Reading, Musics, Sparring and Television

Abraham Pierre is 29 years old, was born and raised in Haiti, Between Ruelle Jeudy and Ruelle Bouchette, two little neighborhood in Carrefour-Feuilles Haiti (Ouest) or just (Kafoufey). He went to ‘’Ecole Nationale Republique du Paraguay’’ for his primary studies and move to Lycee Toussaint after for Secondary or (High School years). He Started to teach english at the age 14 years old when he mastered the american english phonology, and at the age of 16 he was already involved in social Activities through some local organizations supported by Unicef, some youth movements like: Youth Crime Watch which is known now as ‘’World Wide Ignitus’’ Pejef and others. Ten years later he became Unicef Haiti’s favorite Translator and at the same time he is a Teacher, Sensei, Trainer, and a Production Coordinator. He speaks 4 languages: Creole, English, French, Spanish and he is learning Japanese.

As a Freelancer, Abraham Pierre, served as translator and quickly adapted the skills he already had to develop those needed to be a fine journalist assistant. As a Production Coordinator, he helped’’Hungry Horses films’’ with their Haitian movie trailer entitled ’’Nixon in Haiti’’. With the UN Foundations, he helped directing, fixing and also coordinating their recent film about a vaccination campaign.. With UNICEF he translates for the UN Good Will Embassadors like ‘’P!NK’’ Or Alicia Moore. In addition to his work as a translator and handyman, he does also training of trainers, for translators and teachers and almost everything regarding translations like: Transcription, subtitling, simultaneous translation and more.

As a sensei, he is now opening up his own karate school and has years of experiences in this domain or started to practice around 11 years old with sensei Ernst Noel, Alias ‘’Tilolit’’ the One who introduced him to the Shotokan Art and he is now part of the same club as His Master who is also attending Sensei Abellard’s Karate Club.

Abraham is active, dynamic, optimistic person and a member of Toastmasters International where he is learning how to become a Distinguish Toasmaster meaning that he Should and will master communication and leadership at a very decent level to have this title, now he is Advance Communicator Bronze on the communication track and competent leader on the leadership track and led a club by being its President for a whole mandate which last a year.

Mr. Abraham decided to create The Foreign Languages World and Tours or FLW&TOURS in May 2010 after his visit to the Dominican Republic and analyzing the need or lack of effectiveness in translation, teaching and education in Haiti. FLW&TOURS is having a positive impact in Haiti for It is reinforcing the linguistic domains, help improving haitian teachers method and showing tourists the unseen Haiti.